Joy in the Journey Retreat 2016


“Just what I needed to refresh my momma heart! It was great to be in the company of so many others walking this road!” -Amy

“I was consistently impressed and blessed by the quality of the break-out sessions, but my absolute favorite part was the prayer and worship! I came feeling like I was "not enough" and left reminded that God's abundant blessing is on me as a mom and as His daughter. He is more than enough.” -Rebecca


“The world usually sees foster and adoptive parents as either a) saints or b) crazy. It's refreshing to be around other moms who really get it.” -Abbie


“Taking care of kids with special needs leaves one vulnerable to feeling fearful. This weekend retreat helped my spirit rejuvenate in many ways. But most of all, through all of Joy in the Journey’s hard work, God was able to mark a turning point in my life. I was shown how God wants to minister us through this life, leading us to a life of trust, and helping us reach peace that can come upon us now. I now have a deeper faith that I know is trying to guide me back to the presence of God. Such a comforting feeling I left with after this retreat.” -Hannah

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