Joy in the Journey Retreat 2019


"This year was the best yet!"

" I cherish this time away with other like minded mommas who truly understand the unique complexities of foster and adoptive care."

"It was wonderful. Very encouraging and spirit-filled."

"I loved it! Connecting with like minded women who not only understand where you are at but have been there too is so good for the soul. "

"Loved it!! I seriously felt like this was the best year yet!! I left refreshed and feeling loved."

"I thought it was great! I loved being with other mommas who understood where I was, the language, pain and joys. I met amazing people and felt a oneness that was much needed."

"Overwhelming, beautiful, and just holy ." 

“It was obvious the amount of work that went into the retreat! All the speakers, info bulletin, food, swag, vendors, band, wow! Great job with the planning and organization!" 

"I love it. Reconnecting with people and meeting new people. What a special time and reminder we are all in it together."

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