Our Mission

To Connect, Educate, and Encourage Foster and Adoptive Families


The adoption and foster care journey can be long and hard. It is full of incredible highs and lows, joys and challenges. It is our prayer that the Joy in the Journey ministry will help adoptive, foster, and interested mommas and families to connect with others who passionately love the Lord and who are walking similar paths.

Our desire is that this is a place where you can find hope, support, growth, and most of all where you can find faith. We want to encourage connections, open communication, address the tough issues, and ultimately bring you to the joy that can be found through Christ regardless of your life circumstances.

Through social media, the yearly retreat, and the website, it is our mission to create a safe place where we can come alongside of each other, be real, cultivate relationships, grow and learn, and where we can support, uplift, and encourage one another. It is our belief that the encouragement of other people who truly “get it,” who are going through similar family changes, and who have been there, done that (and found JOY through it) is priceless.


It is our prayer that together we will pursue true Joy and that “Joy in the Journey” will not just be a name or catch phrase, but rather reflective of how we, whose lives have been blessed by adoption and foster care, live each step of this life-long journey. Let’s walk it together!

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