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Broken and Enough

There are days when the struggle is real. The struggle to be enough. Healthy enough, strong enough, pretty enough, brave enough, capable enough. Just... enough. We feel broken, unlovable, unusable. There are days where it's so easy to view our self-worth through the eyes of the enemy, and when that happens, hope and courage seem as distant as a pipe dream. It’s there, but unreachable; untouchable.

In those moments, we can either pivot in despair and fall into the oblivion of lies that we aren’t enough and never will be, or we can fight back the lies with every fiber within us. We can realize that, even in our brokenness, we are becoming. Becoming stronger, braver, more capable. For you see, we were never told we would face the brokenness of this world, or even our own brokenness, for that matter, alone. Our insufficiencies were carried long ago, by a man broken in every sense of the word. He endured a brokenness I will never know, literally traversing heaven and hell on my behalf. In all of His pain and brokenness, I became. I became His. I became beautiful. Not by the world’s standards, because I will never live up to them. He chose me. He set me apart. I didn’t have to be enough, because He was.

And so, in this becoming, I realize no matter the level of my brokenness, I am braver and stronger and more capable than the lies I have swallowed all these years. Lies meant to distract me, challenge my focus, belittle me.

No more. I am becoming. My enough is in Him, and He says it’s enough. No more lies, no more dreamed up falsities. The truth is enough. Grace is enough. God is enough. I became. I became His, and that makes me enough. No amount of brokenness will change that fact. If I focus on my brokenness in the future, may it be to serve as a reminder that there is beauty in the broken, purpose in the broken, and life in the broken. In our breaking, we become. The beauty of brokenness is that God can put us back together again, fashioning us into something truly remarkable. Things that have been mended are often stronger in those mended places. Instead of living broken, we become blessed. We become whole.

Who are you becoming?

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in spirit.” – Psalm 34:18

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