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Breakout Session I

Drug Awareness & Safety - Norma Massu

Norma is a police sergeant in the Narcotics Division & foster/adoptive mom. This practical breakout provides necessary education for anybody caring for children in their home. Preparedness is one of the most important things when it comes to children’s safety.

Healthy Relationships with Biological Families - Jamie Finn

Foster care is about more than just taking care of a child, it’s about playing a part in the healing of a family. This breakout will address the foster parent’s role in building, strengthening, and repairing relationships with biological families. Jamie will lay the groundwork for a theological and research based foundation for family preservation and reunification, and share practical steps and ideas for foster parents looking to grow in building relationships with biological parents.

Breakout Session II

A Healthy Marriage in the Midst of Chaos - Kylie Ewing

Description coming!


Attached Foster & Adoptive Parenting - Jamie Finn

Secure attachment is the greatest gift we can give our foster/adopted children. This breakout will define attachment theory, explore attachment styles, and provide practical tips for attachment rich parenting.

Breakout Session III

The First 24 Hours - Airick Crabill

We all know the importance of first impressions. How much more crucial is the first day of welcoming a new foster child into your home? This is a day of trauma for children, but it is up to us to support & love them on one of the hardest days of their lives.

Secondary Trauma & Biblical Self-Care - Jamie Finn

This breakout will explore the importance of Biblically informed self care. Topics include the risk of secondary trauma and burnout for foster and adoptive parents, a Biblical foundation for self care, creating space for self care in a busy family, and practical ideas for foster and adoptive parents to build actual self care into their lives.

Bonus Session

Godly Family Rhythms - Bekah Behnke

What a gift it is to sit with God. What a gift it is the have His Word. What a gift is it that we can know Him. Join us as we discuss the beautiful gift of Godly rhythms, the art of a dining table turned into a church and how these rhythms impact our children.

*Breakout Sessions are subject to change
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