Breakout Sessions

Session One

 Breakout Sessions

Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Roadmap

Cindy Lee,


Families work hard every day to improve behaviors, but ultimately, the goal is much deeper than a daily intervention. This session talks about what true healing looks like using Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) and the steps needed to help your children get there. Prepare yourself for an in-depth look at the “why” behind the sacrifices you make as well as steps needed to continue to help your children progress through their trauma. This session is grounded in truth and hope.

Thriving in an Open Adoption Relationship

Stephanie Dulin

Adoptive Mom

Molly Nash

Biological Mom

A reflective, insightful and inspirational journey between a birth mom and adoptive mom. Learn all about how their open adoption has brought hope and healing and how they make their relationship work for the whole family. 

Racial Unity: Educating Your Family About Racial Injustice

Rachel Woodson

Jeffrey Woodson

As adoptive families, we sometimes don’t look like our children. As interracial families, we must do hard work to guarantee that our children have a pride in their racial and cultural identities. In this workshop you will hear from Jeffrey who grew up in an all black family but was often the only black person in many spaces and the impact that has had. Jeffrey and his wife Rachel will discuss educating ourselves on behalf of our children, creating difficult conversations with our family members who may not quite understand, and ways to build pride in your child.

Breaking Through: Common Diagnosis and Medication for Children

Stacey Dashiell, M.D.

For many parents today, diagnoses such as Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD are coupled with an insatiable desire to answer the question of what to do next. In this session, Dr. Stacey Dashiell will address breaking through stigma and fear to discover hope that can be found with an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, she will provide a holistic understanding of the treatment options available for your child.

Session One

Session Two 

Secondary  Trauma

Stef Loveland,


As mommas we are often the ones  taking care of everyone else.  While this is a beautiful quality, another incredible way we can honor Jesus is by taking care of ourselves. In this breakout we will discuss soul care and will define secondary trauma and identify its tangible impact in our lives. Practical advice for finding ways to find rest in the day-to-day will be presented.  Additionally, this session will dig deeper into the causes and effects of secondary trauma and what to do once you’ve discovered a need for greater self-care.

Prioritizing Your Marriage: Finding Connection in Your Relationship

Rachel Woodson

Jeffrey Woodson

Marriage is tough with two people. When we start to add to our tribes it can become more of a balancing act. When we throw in trauma, attachment issues, and the emotional roller coaster of adopting and fostering, our marriage can sometimes be hit harder than we may expect. 

Jeffrey and Rachel have been married for 11 years and hope this session will speak encouragement to your marriage wherever you may be. 

As moms we often spend so much time taking care of our precious babies that we tend to forget the man who started this journey with us. Yes, our children need us and require much of us, but we must be careful not to become roommates with our husbands.

Helping Prepare Biological Kids for Foster Siblings

Abbie Mayberry

Adoptive Mom

Emma Mayberry

Biological Daughter

When adults prepare to become foster parents, we attend hours of training and have access to a variety of resources including books, blogs, and podcasts. All of these things equip us as fully as possible to find success in foster parenting. Through all of this, however, our biological children are often much less prepared for the new and ongoing changes foster care brings to their family. In this session, we will give you some conversation starters, resources, and other tools to help your children as they open their lives to bonus siblings.

Flourishing in a Transracial Family: An Adult Adoptee's Perspective

Ginette Friesen

Dolly Reiger 

Come learn from two Transracial Adult Adoptees as they share their perspectives about what it is like growing up in an adoptive family. With topics like race, culture, identity, and family dynamics, this session will be helpful in implementing practical ideas and tips on how to raise foster and adopted kids with different backgrounds no matter what your journey has been. Whether you have rarely thought about these issues, or if you are always thinking about them, this session will be valuable in gaining insight into raising your kids with empathy and understanding. 

Advocating With Grace: Helping Your Child with Special Needs Flourish in the School Setting

Rene Haines


Peggy Caton

Special Education Teacher

Amy Mangels

Special Needs Parent

As parents we want to help our children flourish in school by achieving their highest capabilities. Having an open, honest relationship with your children's school team is of utmost importance. During this session, an educational team consisting of a parent, SPED teacher, and SLP will share how they have worked together by building strong communication and trust for the best interest of the children they serve. The team will answer your questions and ease your concerns about working together as a team to help your children flourish.

Session Three 

Practical Tools for Common Behaviors

Cindy Lee,


Cindy shares the steps necessary to address a variety of survival behaviors such a sleep difficulties, lying, melt-downs, and transitions. We must be proactive in establishing connection and addressing past trauma hurts, but what do we do in the heat of the moment when we are face to face with survival behavior? Come and find out!

Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Natalie Palmer,


Sadly, 1 in 4 children can become a victim of sexual abuse. This statistic can be changed with strategy and intention in parenting. Natalie Palmer, MSN, RN, will help educate you on how to talk to your kids in age appropriate ways about topics such as the internet, their body, their relationships with peers, and their relationships with adults. The goal of this session is to equip you with ways to help prevent your children from becoming victimized.

Creating a Relationship with the Biological Family through the Fostering Process

Rene Haines, Emily Dunavent, Lindsey Hayes

Developing a relationship with the biological family members of kids who have been in foster care may seem like a difficult task. But, what if it was possible? What sort of implication might the relationship have for the children who have been in care? Join us as a panel of 3 foster and adoptive moms share their unique stories of navigating relationships with biological family members and the impact these relationships have made.

Is it Sensory or is it Behavior?

Emma M. Tosatto


 Sensory needs and behavioral issues are often heavily intertwined. We will review causes of behaviors, sensory needs, and ways to determine what is the root cause of the issue. We will also discuss strategies for each. Come join us for this interactive breakout session!

Table for Nine: Raising a Super-sized Family in a World Made for 2.5 Kids

A panel lead by Stacey Chik

A session for mamas of large familes (4+ kids), or those who would like to have a large family someday. We will laugh at the absurd things strangers say to our faces. We will share about how our extended families really feel about our large family choice. We will share practical tips and suggestions for running a large household somewhat smoothly. We will talk about stressors and challenges as well as unique joys of parenting teens and babies at the same time. We will pray for one another's unique vocations as "mamas to many." A panel of seasoned large family mamas look forward to sharing their hearts, their stories, and their laughter with you. 

Session Four 

Black Hair Care

Ginette Friesen

Jeffrey Woodson

Knowledge is power! Come and learn a little history of Black Hair, dos and don'ts when it comes to caring for your child's hair and how to talk about it on social media. If you have a kiddo with curly hair, thinking about fostering or adopting kiddos with curls, or just interested in curly hair come and join us! We will our best to inform and answer your burning questions.

Holy Yoga

Ali Ingle

Holy Yoga is a ministry designed to help us practice presence with our Lord, who is so graciously ALWAYS present with us. This will be a gentle yoga class infused with scripture, prayer and worship music. Come exactly as you are as we intentionally release striving and be present in the goodness of God.

Building Trust and Connection Through Play

Cindy Lee,


So many loving caregivers spend time with their children and play with them regularly.  Fun games, crafts and reading books together are a common part of everyday life or at least on the daily “hope list.” Did you know there is a way to enhance the play with your child to build deeper connection and trust?  Did you also know if you play in this very certain way, you can make those deep connections faster than spending all day trying to make memories? Research shows that if you do this special One-on-One time type of play for only 10 minutes a day you will see improvements in overall behavior.   This session will teach you how to play in this valuable way and give you the tools you need to develop a deeper connection with your child while still living your very busy life.

The Power or Saying No

Bekah Behnke

 Join the discussion of giving more power to our yes through the power of saying no. As Christian women, we often feel the pressure to simply say yes. No has just as much power for the kingdom and our family as yes. There is freedom in no. There is healing in no. And saying no gives more power to all of our yeses.

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