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Family Moments


helping equip church
leaders and volunteers
to care for and support adoptive and 
foster families

Want your Church to receive information about our Church Leadership Digital Conference?

Joy in the Journey Ministry
Audience and Lecturer

Joy in the Journey is thrilled to announce a new digital event designed for ministry staff and church volunteers to learn how to better welcome and serve adoptive and foster parents throughout their parenting journey. 

Throughout the years we have seen many foster and adoptive parents come to our annual Joy in the Journey retreat for the support, encouragement, and connection they do not have at home. We want to play a part in changing that! We believe that churches can be equipped to support the families in their ministries on a regular basis with training to better understand family dynamics, trauma, and practical strategies to partner with the family from birth, to youth, to adulthood.  

The Church Leadership Digital Conference will equip pastors, church and ministry leaders, volunteers, and other church leadership to meet the unique needs of foster and adoptive children and families in their church and community. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from experts, people living in the trenches, and from ministry leaders. 


 Incorporating Wrap-Around Services in your Congregation

In this session you will learn from a church who has made foster and adoptive care ministry a huge part of their mission. This session will discuss practical ideas you can start in your church as well as explaining the need for wrap around ministries in all churches.


What is Trauma Informed?

It is crucial that we understand the impact trauma has on the brain so we are able to better know how to serve and love families raising children with trauma. This session will define this as well as address how to support families in your congregation who are experiencing it. 


Secondary Trauma

When ministering to families of foster/adoptive children, it is important to understand the causes and effects of secondary trauma. During this session, you will learn how to identify secondary trauma in yourself as ministers and in the families, you serve, as well as how to find peace and healing.

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