Family Moments

Leadership Conference

- helping equip church leaders and volunteers
to care for and support adoptive and 
foster families.

Joy in the Journey Ministry
Audience and Lecturer

Joy in the Journey is thrilled to announce a new one-day event designed for ministry staff and church volunteers to learn how to better welcome and serve adoptive and foster parents throughout their parenting journey. 

Throughout the years we have heard many foster and adoptive parents talk about their desire for church leadership to be educated and equipped to better understand family dynamics, trauma, and strategies to partner with the family as a whole.  

The Church Leadership Conference will equip pastors, church and ministry leaders, volunteers, and other church leadership to meet the unique needs of foster and adoptive children and families in their church and community. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from adult adoptees and former foster youth, doctors, counselors, foster and adoptive families, and from ministry leaders. 


Join us April 29, 2022 


at Christ’s Church of Oronogo

in Oronogo, Missouri