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Breakout Sessions

Staying Open in Open Adoption (Jessica Petrencsik)

How do we 'do' open adoption? While we know that openness in adoption is the best option for our children to the degree possible, openness still requires discernment and creativity. Julie and Jessica will speak on factors that influence where to set boundaries and offer practical ideas for maintaining healthy open adoptions for children from both foster care and independent adoption.

Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Introduction (Tristen McGhee)

TBRI® is a holistic, attachment-based, evidence supported, and trauma-responsive intervention that is designed to meet the complex developmental needs of vulnerable children. TBRI® uses Connecting Principles for attachment needs, Empowering Principles to address physiological needs,  and Correcting Principles to disarm fear-based behavior. Learn how to use these techniques in your parenting from TBRI practitioner Tristen McGhee.

TBRI & Parenting Teenagers (Tristen McGhee)

In this session you will learn specific activities and techniques you can incorporate into your family immediately to deepen connection with your pre-teens and teens and decrease the stress of challenging behaviors. It’s helpful if you are already familiar with TBRI® Principles & Strategies, but not necessary.

Fostering Self-love, Self-worth, Self-respect, and Self-confidence in Our Children (Dr. Deshunna Ricks)

Learn techniques and strategies that will help your children understand their worth and value and give you the tools to support their journey to forming a secure sense of confidence and identity. Dr. Ricks is an educator, counselor, mother and foster mom who also spent 11 years in foster care herself.

Talking about Adoption Through the Ages and Stages of Your Child’s Life  (Andrea Lordson)

Most agree talking about adoption in your family is important, but many struggle with the
when/how to bring it up with their children. We’ll discuss the different developmental stages
children go through in their understanding of adoption and some tips and tools to start those
conversations and keep them going for a lifetime.

How Did I Get Here? (Kendell Bauer-Borkowski)

Ever uttered these words? From a guttural place or as an impulsive mumble? After following the call to foster care or adoption, have you wondered if you're even equipped to be here? In this session, Kendell will talk about the wild worlds of foster care and adoption, parenting kiddos from trauma for a little while or a lifetime, and living into the story God is writing with your life. She brings a focus on the need for Jesus, honesty, community, and confidence in God's good plan.  

Surrendering Our Expectations (Melissa Phillips)

When parenting doesn't look anything like what we had hoped for, what do we do? Melissa will speak on her journey of learning to change her expectations, accept what is, and love herself and her kids for who they are and who they are becoming. She will share vulnerably about what it is like to dive into the deep waters of tough parenting yet stay afloat with her faith, her incredible community, and the hopefulness of Jesus. Be reminded in this session that the story (for you, or your child) isn’t over yet.

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