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Have you heard the news yet?

After much prayer, conversation, and collaboration, we announced this week that we will not be holding a retreat in 2021.  BUT we have already announced the dates for the 2022 Retreat and have shared some of the exciting new things we will be adding to the Joy in the Journey Ministry this year as we continue to encourage, connect, and educate foster and adoptive families!

Our 8th annual Joy in the Journey Retreat will be held

February 26-28, 2022 in Kansas City, MO

Since March, our team has been mindful of the current situation and prayerful about how it would affect holding a gathering that stays true to the mission of educating, connecting, and encouraging foster and adoptive moms. 

Specifically, three things we have considered include our attendees' safety, the possibility of hosting a large gathering, and the wisdom of attempting to conduct such an event.  Because we are committed to full transparency, here is the way we approached each of these considerations regarding Joy in the Journey 2021:

  • With the information available to us right now and our attendees' (and their families) safety in mind, we do not believe it would be prudent to hold a large gathering of 300+ adults.

  • Though having a retreat in 6 months may be a possibility, the planning and commitment it would take on the part of both the team and the attendees would need to happen much sooner. Additionally, we are fully aware that what is possible this week could become objectionable next week. For this reason, we had to utilize the current climate of the pandemic to make a decision.

  • After a significant amount of prayers and conversation, we have determined that asking speakers and attendees from across the country to commit to a gathering with us when we cannot guarantee their safety is not a responsible or wise decision.  Though it's a difficult decision to make, we do feel that attempting to gather during this time could potentially prove to be an imprudent decision on our part.

Although we are heavy-hearted about having to make this hard decision, we are confident that God is in control and is working in BIG ways through the Joy in the Journey ministry. 

We know that God is faithful and that He has good things in store for the future.

If you haven't yet watched this video, please take a few moments to find out more about all of the incredible new things God has laid on our heart to help us deepen our ministry during this year.

From helping local churches be more prepared to help and minister to the foster and adoptive families in their congregation, to small connection groups, encouraging blogs and videos, and so much more... we are truly excited about what the Lord is doing with Joy in the Journey Ministry. We can't wait to see each of you at the 2022 Retreat and hope and pray that you will join with us over the next year as we continue to walk out the vision and mission of this ministry and as we prepare to Abide in Him, even during the confusion, unknown, and changes that life brings.

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