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Authenticity: Knowing who you are and being brave enough to live it.

People are drawn to authenticity, or at least what “seems” real. Authenticity is magnetic. Our culture is craving something it has been lacking for so long. Purity, credibility, truthfulness, the lack of pretense…

It was once stated by a very wise, but unknown, person, “Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s unbecoming everything that isn’t you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.” Unbecoming. A breaking down, an unraveling, undoing of who we think we are; stripping away everything that is false to discover the truth within. When we live authentically, love of truth becomes more important than how we are viewed by others. Do people see Truth in our lives? Are we shining the love of Christ so brightly they cannot help but see the real us? Have we been so caught up in the noise around us that we have forgotten who we really are?

“A woman who is at rest with herself accepts her position in Christ. She understands there is nothing to prove to onlookers. She knows her strengths and can cheer her sisters on with a pure heart. She shines brightly as her words are seasoned with kindness, goodness, and grace. She is peaceful and can edify others with ease as she is secure in her Father’s love.” – Hannah Bryant

“In an age of imitation, it takes courage to embrace our God-given uniqueness.” – Lisa Bevere

Mamas, don’t trade your authenticity for approval. Being your most quirky, beautiful, dazzling, God-created self is the most adventurous way to live. So be yourself – the real you – bravely, courageously, fearlessly. Tell yourself, “I am fearlessly me, and that is my superpower!” Allow Christ to ignite the hidden you; to refine you, the authentic you that He created. Love Truth. Love others. Be brave enough to live out Truth authentically, to pour it out like water over a dry and weary land.

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