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Perhaps you've heard it said before, "Grace is the face love wears when it meets imperfections."

Many of us follow social media accounts that look like they have it all together, complete with perfectly staged and filtered photos. The truth is, everything behind the scenes is as imperfect as our own life.

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family, it's easy to get caught up in the busyness of it all; to become overwhelmed and stressed out by our endless to-do lists. The imperfections. The busier we tend to be, the less we extend grace. Sometimes family can be difficult, dysfunctional, and dramatic. A lot of our children come from hard places. When a lot of little things combine to create a volatile environment, it's difficult to put things into perspective and extend grace to those around us.

No matter what your home and table looks this weekend, or how easy it is to communicate with the people around it, extend grace. Practice humility. Stop and listen. Use kind words. Be grateful, even when others are not.

Jesus showed us grace long ago, taking what was broken and making it beautiful; loving us despite our shortcomings. No amount of filters can make our lives look that lovely. His grace literally changed everything! We are called to do the same, flourishing in love, truth, and grace in every part of our lives.

Grace: undeserved, unmerited, unearned, favor.

When you gather at the table, extend grace. Look past the differences and, relate with their heart, not their behaviors. Grace upon grace.

His grace is more powerful than our sin. (Romans 6:14)

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