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Perception vs Reality

There were once two men left alone on the open sea. One of them confined to a tiny boat that rocked in the massive waves, and one stranded on a lonely, deserted island. Both were unhappy with their situation, and did everything they could to remedy it. The man in the boat sent up flares, waved his arms, and did anything else he could to catch the attention of another boat… yet no one saw him. He felt so alone. The man on the island built fires and spelled out messages on the beach, in hopes that someone would see his plight from the air… yet no one saw him. He also felt very, very alone.

One day, the man on the boat spotted something in the distance. “Land!” He shouted, nearly crying from relief.

The man on the island also spotted something in the distance. “A boat!” He shouted, tears of joy streaming down his sunburned face.

Both men found themselves in a hopeless situation, until they discovered the answer to their problems in two very different ways. That day, perception and reality met in the unlikeliest of manners.

How often do we view our circumstances in a different light, seeing our difficulties as worse than others? How often do we feel our situation beyond relief? How often do we feel unseen, unheard? Would our outcome change if our perspective changed? The man in the boat thought his own situation was terrible, yet he at least had the boat. He could choose to go in any direction he wanted.

Are you stuck on an island, or adrift in a boat? Have you let God use you where you are, despite your circumstances? Have you let your perception cloud your reality? Always remember this: no matter what deserted shore or lonely sea you find yourself on, you are seen. You are heard. You are loved far more than you know. Take that shore or boat you’re on and turn it around. Let God use you where you are, not where you think you are or where you want to be. You might be surprised by how He orchestrates tomorrow when you’re not focused on the wrong horizon.

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Wandering Where
Wandering Where

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